Cheating at Euchre
The Dark Side
  In 2001, I created these pages about card cheating at the game of euchre.
  This work is not intended to serve as a "how to" manual for potential cheaters but instead to work as a guide for those who might wish to take part in a money euchre game and would like to be confident about the integrity of the game they're in. One doesn't want to wonder whether or not they were cheated after their wager is lost.
  Personally, I am not a cheater. I am however an avid euchre player and a casino supervisor in Las Vegas with hundreds of hours of professional training in game protection. I also have a passion for card magic.
  The information presented here is packed with examples of how a skilled card cheater might try to hijack your money game.  First advice: relax and be knowledgeable.

                             Harvey Lapp
By : Harvey Lapp