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Bitchin' Score Marker
for the iPhone
Tournaments on Hardwood
WhiteKnuckle Cards
History and Origin of playing cards, gallery of standards, early standards and the New Standards Project. Articles on card masters of the 19th century, Lewis I. Cohen, Samuel Hart, Andrew Dougherty and Thomas de la Rue.
Euchre Baron
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8- deck Euchre
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Cards Tourney
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Your Euchre Connection for Euchre printables & FUN!!
Euchre Hub
Using a double deck, meaning there's two of of every card, makes this game interesting and challenging. Because, when one suit becomes trump, there are TWO Right Bowers and TWO Left Bowers. So, you have to keep your eyes on your fries!           more info
Eight- Player Euchre? YES.
8 Suits™ Deck of cards consists of 104 playing cards.
4 standard suits plus 4 additional suits for a total of 8 suits
(Ace through King of each suit).
Great stocking stuffer for the up coming Holidays...                   more info
World of Card Games
Playing Cards and More
Online source for the best in Plastic Playing cards, Euchre cards, Poker cards, Bridge cards, Pinochle cards and much more!