Euchre Rule Variations:
After turning down the upcard, if all others pass, the dealer must name trump.
7's and 8's of all four suits are added to the deck, bringing the total to 32. Note: Although there are 12 cards left after dealing, the 21st still becomes the upcard.
A joker (Benny) is added to the deck, bringing the total to 25. The Benny is the highest trump card at all times. Note: if the dealer turns up a Benny while dealing, he must name trump without looking at his cards.
The dealer can either name trump after all the players have passed twice, or he can forfeit the deal and allow the opponents to score 1 point.
Points scored over 10 (or set game limit) are carried over to the next game.
The dealer's partner can only pass or go alone when the upcard is still up.
A player defending against a loner can declare "defending alone", before his partner plays a card, and play heads-up against the lone-caller. If the defender euchres the lone-caller, his side scores four points.
The team defending against a loner automatically score four points for euchring the maker.
A "Super-Euchre" occurs when the making team takes zero tricks.The defending team scores 4 points.
When a player goes alone, the player left of the maker leads first.
A player that receives a hand containing all nines and tens and no trump is entitled a fresh deal - as long as he shows his cards to all players before he passes or plays a card.
When a player goes alone, he may exchange one card face down with his partner before playing a card.
The game will end when a side reaches the following score:
The following rules will also apply:
The following rules are in addition to The Official Rules and Laws of Euchre
A player that orders or names trump must have at least one trump card (not counting the Left Bower) in his hand.
Stick the Dealer
British Deck
32-Card Deck
Defend Alone
Super Euchre
Fold: Farmer Hand
Mandatory Loner
Lone Penalty
Partner's Best
Lead Switch
Game Limit
Minimum Trump