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Notable Guests who have signed this book include (in the chronological order of their signature);
Perry Romanowski - (IL) Creator of the blog "Euchre Universe".
Natty Bumppo - (KY) Author of "The Columbus Book of Euchre" and living Euchre legend.
"Ranger" Rick Knapp - (OH) Winningest Euchre player in Grand Prix history and founder of Rangers Social Club.
Henry "Henword" Edwards - (LA) Author of  "the Henword Pages" and "K-9 kicker".
Gerry Blue (CA) Creator of the "Euchre Laboratory" and proprietor of "Euchre Science".
Todd Martin (OH) - League operator in London, OH and creator of "Euchredoodledandy".
John McLeod (London, Eng) - Card game heavyweight and operator of the site "Card Games".
Joe Andrews (MA) - Author of several books and founder of Grand Prix Card Tournaments.
Linda Lorenzen (Antarctica) - Tournament oranizer in Antarctica.
Kahu Bishop (New Zealand) - Creator of Euchre Wize.
Fred Benjamin (TX) - Author of "Euchre Strategies" and creator of the "Euchre Challenger".