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(some guys on Yahoo beat him, but they were  probably cheating)

"Euchre and Tells"
  If you play poker, you probably already know what a "tell" is. In case you are new to the term, a tell occurs during a card game when a player unintentionally reveals the strength of his hand by making an unusual gesture or movement that can be observed by a keen eye and collective memory.
  When a player whistles dixie everytime he is dealt a loner, but doesn't whistle at all during the rest of the game, that, my friend, is a tell. Some guys, you can't even get their attention when it is their turn to bid. They ask questions like; "Who dealt this?" and "Did everyone pass?" as though they erased the last few minutes of the game as soon as they looked at their hopeless cards. Suddenly a hand is dealt where they seem to be on top of everything, motivating the other players to order up or pass. As you might have guessed, this is also the hand in which they hold high trump and aces.
  There are also players who display nervous habits when they hold a good hand. They arrange their cards, set them down, only to pick them up and look at them again. Some smoke excessively while waiting to bid, attentively watching the other players, flicking ashes that barely need flicking. Others nervously drink their beverage, careful not to make eye contact and give away their secret.
  By making detailed observations during a euchre game with these types, and remembering the type of hand they had, you'll soon know when your opponents cards are weak or strong.
Online tells:
Look at your opponent's eyes. Are they trying to hide a secret?
Does your opponent always have the same goofy look on his face, or is he faking it?
Is your opponent confident and strong, or weak and unsure?
Okay, you know the strength of your opponent's hand. What can you do about it?
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By : "The Fats"
volume 5 - 2006
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer
This is how you want to play euchre. Everytime you look at your hand, you stoically set down your cards and watch everyone bid. If you do the same thing everytime, no matter how strong or weak your hand is, there is no tell available for your opponents.
Ask yourself the following questions at the euchre table:
Depending upon the score, you may wish to donate, that is, order up the dealer if you believe that they might go alone, even if you don't have anything. Give up two points instead of four. Cut your losses.
If they pass but indicate strength to your left, by all means, make something trump!
If the tell represents weak cards for your opponents and you are playing stick-the-dealer, you may prefer to bag them by passing. If you are at the bridge, you could skip the donation and pass a weak hand.
When a player stalls while deciding if he should order up his partner, he probably has some help.
If the player is taking way too long to decide, he's probably on the phone with his partner discussing his hand.
Girls who use this screen-face are all hot. Flirt with her and you might get lucky!
Never allow kibitzing while you play. Most kibitzers are acting as spies.
Never, ever trust a guy who uses this screen-face. I mean, c'mon, look at that face!
A Quick Review:
Likes his hand.
Won't tell you.
Hoping for a misdeal.
Bottom Line: You can't fold a euchre hand.
- Fats