euchre voodoo*
Luziana Fats
To those who feel compelled to influence the game by other means.
- Fats
Arator, Lapidator, Omtator!
Somniator, Subaerfor, Iquator!
Signator, Sudator, Combustor!
Pugnator, Ductor, Seductor!
Comostor, Onerator!
Vos omnes ministri odey et destructiones, et Seratore discorde,
et qui libiter opera facitis et tractibus.
Quod eat noce!
Vos conjurase idec nos conjuro et deprecur quod ministrare et consecrare ista imaginem et odid fiat mier alve (victim's sign-in name)!
A Wiccan curse for rude online opponents
By Satandar and Asentacer
I conjure thee thrice three times,

Vassago! Vassago! Vassago!

to descend and appear to us in the hands belonging to
allowing them to smite thy foes
and go alone often without much challenge.
Incantation to receive better cards
curse a rude online opponent
incantation to receive better cards
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     Saint Expedite, you lay in rest.
     I come to you and ask that
        this wish be granted.
     (State your petition)
     Expedite now what i ask of you.
     Expedite now what i want of you,
        this very second.
     Don't waste another day.
     Give me what i ask for.
     I know your power,
     I know you because of your work.
     I know you can do it.
     Do this for me and i'll
        spread your name with love and honor
        and cause your name to be invoked.
     Expedite this wish with speed, love,
        honor, and goodness.
     Glory to you, Saint Expedite!

As you recite this prayer, light a holy candle to Saint Expedite next to a glass of water for the Saint. Recite daily until the request is granted, then be sure to give Saint Expedite a gift. Also place an ad in the newspaper thanking Saint Expedite, so that his name and fame will grow.
* Yeah, I know. Wicca and New Orleans Voodou have very little in common. However, some folks have claimed that this page has worked for them.